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For 25 years and counting... Farooq Motala has been working as a well known, trusted and dedicated pharmacist in his community!

General Health Issues

Welcome! ...And thank you for visiting GCP! An important and reliable source where you will find easy to understand answers to your everyday general health and wellness issues and useful tips for living a full and vibrant life.

Through Farooq's vast training and years of experience in all matters related to general health issues he has compiled, for your peace of mind, important health articles related to everyday common health questions.

Common Health and Wellness Issues Covered...

These are the general health concerns in his experience, that he has dealt with the most amongst his patients. As well as great health tips, we will help you with identifying symptoms to various emergencies or common illnesses, different methods of treatment, prescription medication, alternative medication or therapy, and road to recovery.

Seasonal Health Issues...
Spring is in the air... Click here to update your emergency medical supply list at home!

and Learn how to safely dispose your unused or expired medications.
Pollen Allergy is the main culprit of allergy season - Get the facts and survival methods here...

Health and... Wellness go Hand in Hand:

Lifestyle is a major component to good health and we will discuss and investigate it further. Editorials are presented through the most current health articles to highlight the importance of living an overall healthy lifestyle.

Stress is the number one culprit for most health issues in today's busy and demanding world. It's important to look at ways to de-stress and identify ways to release some of that mental tension.

General Health Issues

Health and wellness, after all, go hand-in-hand!

It's all about taking a balanced approach by managing lifestyle matters and an educated approach to personal health matters... living everyday with awareness so we can all live healthier and feel happier.

Here's to your good health!

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"
~ World Health Organization ~

Emergency Medical Supply List
A handy Home Emergency Medical Supply List so you can keep the most important emergency essentials on hand
Pollen and Mold Allergy Symptoms
Pollen or mold allergy symptoms? Environmental or seasonal? ..a month by month look to find what triggers your allergy symptoms
Diagnose Symptoms of Allergies in Children
Here are the tell-tale signs on how to diagnose symptoms of allergies in your child this allergy season
Preparing Your Environment for Allergy Season
Allergy season sufferers need to take a proactive approach to adjust their home and environment to keep pollen allergy symptoms at bay..
Planning Outdoor Activities During Allergy Season
Here's how to plan outdoor activities during allergy season so your pollen allergy symptoms don't get out of control..
Health Benefits of Bee Pollen
Bee pollen research verifies the many health benefits of bee pollen... get the facts here on the how to take bee pollen supplements..
What is Bee Pollen?
What is bee pollen? Bee pollen research identifies the nutritional health benefits of bee pollen?...
Bee Pollen Supplements
Buy bee pollen supplements in granules, capsules, powder or chewable tablets.. discover the many health benefits of bee pollen.. for allergies..
Bee Pollen Granules
Bee pollen granules are the best form of bee pollen supplements you can buy.. Eat them in a variety of ways..
Bee Pollen Capsules and Tablets
Before you buy bee pollen capsules read our checklist to get the facts only the best bee pollen supplements to benefit your health!
Local Bee Pollen for Allergies
Local bee pollen for allergies.. Bee pollen benefits our health in many ways and has been used for centuries..
Bee Pollen Side Effects
Bee pollen side effects.. if you suffer from pollen allergy or asthma or if you are allergic to bee stings.. read this bee pollen allergies guide..
Bee Pollen Benefits Your Health Greatly!
Bee pollen benefits your health as a whole.. with over 180 rich plant nutrients. Take bee pollen supplements to enrich your health..
Bee Pollen Dose Management
Bee Pollen Dose.. Before taking a bee pollen supplement follow this guide on how to take bee pollen to avoid any side effects..
Bathroom Medicine Cabinets and Your Medications
Why bathroom medicine cabinets should never be used for any over the counter or prescription medications..

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